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For more information see bottom of this page.
http:// will be added to your favorite address. You can save anything else up to I think 1Kb as long as the line is not Broken. You can easily copy it editing out http:// This will be kept in a cookie as explained below for the To Do List. If this is your search, start or home page you might be inspired to write just about anything from your page. An email, short story or more notes.

I hope you make this your personal search, start and home page. Details on how this gets personalized see below.

To Do List: Made right in your computer from information stored in your cookie. You write and read directly to your cookie and it is added to your page. Completely private to your cookie, the information stays within your computer. You could write words of inspiration, search words to use in the search engines, just say good morning to yourself or of course there are always the things to do ;O)

To make this your Home page in Explorer click Tools then Internet Options in the General tab. In Netscape click Edit then Preferences in the Navigator section. Copy the URL from the Address window above and Paste it in as your Home page and or Start page. These are general instructions but this should get you to the right spot.

You will see your list when you go online. It looks like the cookies are browser specific so you could have one in Explorer, Netscape and maybe in different profiles. If your item doesn't show up right away you can click View then Refresh or Reload your action has happened. This has happened to me when I delete, if you add an item next it should update. This software I have found works pretty well. As for the Favorites List I think your To Do List can also be up to about 1Kb per entry if it is in one line with no entry or break. Experiment. These both work in Internet Exporer. Other browsers and versions please check.
Have fun, Kevin

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