TruroNS - Truro NS Canada Post Office

Just like a real Post Office you can come here for your local needs. Everything from wanted posters to stamps.

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Welcome to the local Truro Post Office, from here you can find postal codes, find physical postal outlets or do your standard post office things at Canada Post

Traveling - Need your home based Email on the road. If you have your E-mail password you use on your home account you can get your Email Here. I had to use the Advanced Login, you may not. I also choose the Secure Login.

For Aliant, Sympatico, Mpower customers Here is pretty easy.

Cellular phone - Email them SMS text messages easily Here I had to add the recipients host Bell Mobility after I tried. This was a simple drop down box. Could have been because the phone was new.

I am looking into ways to safely carry your user names and passwords around with you. Would it be great not to have to remember all those fun names and numbers when you are on the road. This will be posted in the Tips'n Stuff page.

Messages For
Danny Bannon, Mississuaga, Ontario, Canada
Paul Mahar, Truro or Sydney, NS, Canada

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