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Ways to stretch food with added flavors.
Food nutritional information and more.

  • Recipe Source Huge searchable online archive of recipes. If you want all the variations of a recipe.
  • FoodieView The Recipe Search Engine, new recipe search engine.
  • Recipe Zaar Great selection of recipe results & categories. Came across looking for eyeglass cleaner.
  • Recipe Zaar - Eyeglass cleaner Eyeglass cleaner, others say 50/50.
  • America's Test Kitchen My favourite cooking show, lots of great techniques to make great dishes.
  • Epicurious Easily searcable or you can go to by section brunch, pasta, dessert, etc. to recipes. If you know the ingredients you want to use you can search that way.
  • All Recipes Easily searcable or you can go to by section brunch, pasta, dessert, etc. to recipes.
  • Top Secret Recipes Fast food and brandname recipes can be found on this site. A secret recipe every week in your mail.
  • The Cook's Thesaurus Cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.
  • Nutrition Data & Facts Analyzer Quickest way to find out what's good and bad about the foods you eat.
  • Nutrition Navigator Navigate nutritional websites for trusted information.
  • Canadian Personal Chef Association Become or hire a personal chef.

  • To Buy Cook Books, come to The Store.For Gift ideas.

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My favorite food has always been Kr_ft Dinner or Macaroni Cheese dinner, you know what I mean. I always take the cheese packet out of the box then fill the box almost to the top with more noodles. To make up for this I add 2 single thin cheese slices when preparing. If you add more milk it will be more creamy. You may have to let it sit a few minutes to thicken up the way you like it.

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