Truro Christian Churches, N.S., Canada

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First Baptist Church
759 Prince Street, Truro

First United Church
711 Prince St., Truro

Grace Covenant Ministries
Homes, Truro

Glenwood Christian Church Of Christ
Moved please advise me

Grace Independent Baptist Church

Colchester County has a plethora of churches. And that is a good sign Christians are everywhere. Some may say, "Another church?" Why not? There certainly are enough bars, bingo halls, and outlets for purchasing drinks. What is so difficult for some to accept a variety of places regarding worship where the true hub of Christianity is one God for all people.

For example, Abundant Life Victory Church in Bible Hill, adjacent to Truro, Nova Scotia is really an interdenominational church. Others call it a non-denominational one. It is like one spoke where services are available to those seeking to praise their God. And Jesus, the Son of God has descended from the cross, not only for those souls in Bible Hill, but in Nova Scotia, Canada and the world.

Worship is an international praise of our God who came into this world to save us from our sins. In a sense the beginning point of the Victory Churches International, of which Abundant Life is a member, is the hub of a worldwide ministry. Each church tithes to the main office who in turn help other Victory churches get established where there is a need. As well these funds assist in developing villages by providing opportunities for young girls to learn a trade, as in India, where it is most difficult to get married if the female does not have a dowry.

Learning through doing allows these young ladies to save their money for that very special day in their lives. Funds are also used in a variety of ways to assist orphanages, buy clothes, vehicles to get children and adults around, bring in teachers to train others, ie through Bible Schools. The Word of God, inspired the many writers to compile worship, praise, prayers and services to Jesus via the vehicle of such men as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And from these words of praise come love and forgiveness, essential to our way of life in each community of Colchester County.

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Abundant Life Victory Church
54 Dunromin Ave., Bible Hill

Brunswick Street United Church
Brunswick St. at Wood St. Truro

Calvary Pentecostal Church
20 Curtis Dr., Truro

Connection Church 'Formerly Central Nova Wesleyan Church'
38 Pleasant St., Truro

Church Of The Nazarene
60 Edgewood Dr., Truro

Community Life Church (Kings Kingdom Ministries)
20 Curtis DR., Truro

Cornerstone Assembly
Bible Hill Village Hall, Bible Hill

Crossroads Baptist Church
Bible Hill-Valley

Slate Youth Centre

Archway Counselling  Hope FM Truro NS Community Christian Radio

Hugs The Cricket Story

The Animal Rescue Site

Eastcoast Christian Fellowship
15 Young St, Truro

Immaculate Conception Parish
669 Prince St., Truro

Immanuel Baptist Church
295 Young St., Truro

John Calvin Christian Reformed Church
169 Glenwood Dr., Truro

NSAC Christian Fellowship
Pictou Rd., Bible Hill

Seventh Day Adventist
32 Win Rd., Truro

Shepherd's Heart Prayer Centre
291 Pictou Rd, Bible Hill, NS

St. Andrews United Church
55 King St., Truro

St. David's United Church
18 St. Davids Av off Pictou Rd., Bible Hill, N.S.

St. James Presbyterian Church
725 Prince St., Truro

St. John's Anglican Church
23 Church St., Truro

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
Lower Truro Road, McClures Mills, Truro

The People's Church
15 Elm St., Truro

The Salvation Army
14 Outram St., Truro

Truro Alliance Church
29 Phillip St., Truro

Truro Heights United Baptist Church
343 Truro Heights Rd., Truro

Upper Room Fellowship
223 Brunswick St., Truro

Turning Point
130 King St., Truro

Young Street Gospel Hall
51 Young St., Truro NS

Zion United Baptist Church
458 Prince St., Truro NS

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